7 Travel Gadgets You Should Buy In 2021

These days traveling is upon the Hype and most travel bloggers are freely heading off to new places as per the convenience. And travel gadgets play a crucial role in it that one cannot ignore at any instance if they’re supposed to take the journey to the next level. 

Through the digital post, I will be sharing the list of the 7 best travel gadgets that you could buy in 2021 and assure you that you will thank me later just because they’ll make your travel journey more intuitive and easier. So if you’re willing to get it to make sure to stick with the post till the end. 

But before that, it is very essential for you to know that why exactly you need travel gadgets. 

Why You Need Travel Gadgets In 2021?

Every traveler needs to have travel gadgets in order to get the travel journey easier. It’s 2021 and there is no shortage when it comes to gadgets. We’ve been analyzing for a while which one to pick and get to know about the few essential ones that you’ll get to know about further. 

If you’re a traveler or a blogger and wanted to minimize the efforts it’s better to hands-on the travel gadgets. 

What Are The Best 7 Travel Gadgets In 2021?

I’ve compiled the list of 7 best travel gadgets you need to know about, so here are they:- 

1.DJI Mavic Mini 2

DJI Mavic Mini 2

The drone is very important these days if you’re willing to enhance the video vlog by adding few drone shots. There are multiple options available amongst which the DJI Mavic Mini 2 is perfect for travel enthusiasts. 

Moreover, it’s under budget so you don’t have to worry much about it, also it comes with 4K video quality along with that the weight of the drone is around 249 gm’s only which makes true sense for the traveler.

Ai if you’re having a tight budget it’s better to go with it. 

Price:- Rs. 89,900

Buy now

2.Canon 200D Mark II

Canon 200D Mark II

Carrying a camera with you helps you click pictures using lenses. Although the camera equipment is necessary if you’re traveling so long it’s okay to have a good quality camera with interchangeable lenses. 

My pick would be Canon 200D Mark II which comes with 4K 30 FPS along with great stability while taking videos. Moreover, it’s the handiest and affordable DSLR in the market that you can look upon in order to create memories by clicking pictures and videos. 

Especially if you’re a blogger, its the flip-out screen will help you a lot which makes it ideal for vloggers. Although for the low light videography you’ll need to upgrade a bit for an expensive camera purchase. 

Price:- Rs. 52, 790

Buy now

3.Insta360 One X Camera

Insta360 One X Camera

A video is the best way to capture your trip. Would you rather see a three-minute video or look through 1,000 photos of your trip?

You’re right. 2019 may be the year you begin recording more videos for both your memories and your friends and families. The first thing you can do for improving your travel videos creates smooth cinematic footage from your trip.

The Insta360 OneX Camera is a compact 360deg video recording camera. It allows you to quickly capture the full scene without worrying about frame and angles.

Insta360 OneX also includes an invisible stick that allows you to record yourself and not have them stick visible in the video. Hikers who want to capture their hikes as if a drone is following and recording them will love the camera with the invisible stick. You can capture stunning footage of your surroundings as well as yourself without having to adjust any settings.

Price:- Rs. 41,036

Buy now

4.MacBook Air M1

MacBook Air M1

while traveling it’s better to carry good quality and high-efficiency laptop to work ok the way. Most of the traveler vloggers and influencers too used to recommend the all-new MacBook Air M1 which is super light in weight and performs so well in every single aspect. 

As per the company’s claim, it serves you a battery backup of around 18 hrs which is efficient while traveling. So if you’re willing to do hardcore stuff like video editing the M1 chip has the capability to handle that too which makes it reliable as well. 

If your budget allows you can switch to magic Pro M1 as well which might cost you 2x more compared to the Apple MacBook Air M1. So make sure to pick the one that suits your budget. 

Price:- Rs. 1,12,990

Buy now

5.Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD

Samsung T5 1TB Portable SSD

You probably have a few external hard drives that you can use to store your videos and photos when you travel if you’re like me. You may have noticed that your computer takes longer to load photos and videos as they are larger in resolution. This is because your old hard drive doesn’t read and write fast enough. You should upgrade your external hard drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive).

You need the Samsung T5 1TB Portable SD SSD to accelerate your content creation process. The SSD is faster than traditional hard drives, so large files such as 4K videos will open much quicker. It also has no moving parts which make it more portable. This is especially important for those who are constantly on the move and need to carry around a lot of stuff.

Price:- Rs. 10,499

Buy now

6.GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Hero 9

I don’t need to introduce the GoPro Hero 9 Black. It is a popular device for backpackers who enjoy extreme sports like white water rafting and kayaking. It is waterproof and built like a tank. The camera has features that allow you to capture moments in ways, unlike any other camera.

The GoPro Hero 9 is the new GoPro. It features Hypersmooth 3.0, 5K video, and other exciting features. Nothing motivates more people to explore the world than a new gadget.

Price:- Rs. 37,600

Buy now

7.Amazon Kindle 

Amazon Kindle 

Gaining knowledge is endless and order to utilize the time in the right way is very important especially if you’re traveling. Amazon kindle helps you get access to the collection of books that one can read while traveling. 

Also, it’s pretty cheap these days and offers you multiple-choice amongst which one can pick the best as per the requirement. So if you’re willing to save your time and utilize it them it’s always better to invest a few penny into Amazon kindle. 

Price:- Rs. 7,999

Buy now

Final Verdict

Traveling is part of our life, it’s doesn’t matter whether you’re a travel vlogger or you travel occasionally. It’s something that’ll fill up the bucket list with memories. So it’s better to carry some sort of gadgets that’ll make your task even easier. 

Although, it’s very hard to choose the gadgets as there are various different types of gadgets available in the market so as to help you we have shared the list of 7 most basic and must use gadgets while you travel. So make sure to check them out to enhance the travel experience. 

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