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It’s been a while that I’ve been investing upon the equipment that enhances the overall quality of my vlog. Being a travel enthusiast I always try to figure out the best places where I could actually and capture those memorable moments. And for that I’ve collected few of the camera gears and travel equipment that I’ll be sharing through this detailed post.

Also let me tell you that I am a Vlogger, Youtuber & Traveler, so personally use these gears by myself and found to be the best gears in the market that you can look upon. So definitely check out the list if you’re willing to grab more info about each gear.

What’s In My BagPack (Travel Gear)?

Nikon D5600

I’m not a fanboy of Nikon though I’m using Nikon D5600, just because the camera quality of D5600 is quite insane as it allows you to take multiple shots along with that there are several hidden features that you get into it. The reason behind this purchase is it’s quite affordable too and counts into the inexpensive camera DSLRs under Rs.50000 bucks. You can check it out on Amazon in case if you’re willing to purchase it.

Canon EOS M50

The reason I am using Canon mirrorless camera is just because shooting the videos that enhances the quality of the footage. Another pro of this camera is that it’s quite lighter in weight and bit smaller in size as elk which makes the sense to use it while vlogging. If you’re willing to purchase the best clothing at an affordable pricing I’ll highly recommend you to go with it. As it can even shoot up to 60FPS slow mo. You can check it out on Amazon as it’s easily available on each of the online e-commerce stores.

iPhone 11 Pro

Though I mostly used to take a shot by using my camera gears but when I am supposed to take a quick start how can I forget my iPhone 11 Pro which is one of the best device I have in my pocket. Mobile camera quality of iPhone 11 Pro is insane which is a good thing and does not require much space due to compact design. You’ll notice that in most of he vlog I’ve used iPhone 11 Pro to capture the best shots. Although it’s quite expensive but truly worthy that you’ll ever find. So check it out on Amazon.

GoPro Hero 9 & Selfie Stick

GoPro is considered to be the best action camera in the market that not only helps you to capture the best shots while in motion but clock with that you can also click some of the better pictures in Wide Angle as well. It does not have much options to interchange the lens just like the mirrorless and DSLRs but the wide angle of this entire camera is unbeatable. Although it is a waterproof camera so I can easily take it anywhere I want without any issue. Let me tell you I’ve a complete set of Hero 9 along with eh selfie stick as well. It’s so small and tiny in size and that’s the reason why I’ve included in my backpack. so check it out on Amazon.

DJI Mini 2 Drone

This is one of the best gadget I have in my back that I have usually used to take the aerial shots throughout the region. The only reason why I have purchased this is that it was launched recently and though it’s not an high-end filmmaking done but has a capability of shooting 4K which gets my job done. Even if you haven’t used the drone before it’s the best product you should definitely look upon. Also it’s the upgraded version of DJI Mavic Mini and does not require any licence approval due to it’s lighter weight. So check it out on Amazon.

DJI OM 4 Gimbal

For taking a better pictures and videos it is essential to keep the video stable and for that gimbal is the best choice that you can look up on. The all new DJI OM  4 gimbal is one of the best gadget I’ve in my backpack. If you’re willing to use the most affordable Gimbal this could be the best choice for you as well. Btw, it was gifted by my wife as I’ve already displayed in my vlog. You can easily check it out on Amazon.

Rode Video Mic Go

I was quite confused amongst Rode and Deti but finally thought to invest in a Rode as it’s quite affordable and the quality of microphone is quite good compared to the competition. Audio quality is considered to be the most equivalent unit just like the video in the complete video production so make sure to invest in a good amount of microphone that will take you away due to the next level. You can easily get it on Amazon, so definitely check it out.

Tripods and Sticks

For mounting my camera gears and iPhone are used to to Grab tripods and selfie stick that hells me to vlog as it provides me a grip as well. It is the best equipment I have in my backpack that helps me to Mount my phone without any issue and vlog it as per the convenience. If you’re willing to get it it’s the best product you’ve, so definitely check it out on Amazon itself.

Luggage Bag & Backpack

For carrying my entire camera gears and drone I’ve a good quality backpack that I’m using to manage my stuff. It’s of great quality as you get several compartments where you can easily store your gears without any issue. Along with the BackPack I consistently use Luggage bag too for the entire trips. So definitely check it out on Amazon.

Final Verdict

Through this detailed post I’ve shared the camera gadgets and essential equipment that I regularly use to document myself in terms of vlog. If you’re willing to purchase them just click on the link mentioned above to get redirected.

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