Vlog #5 – Delhi to Goa Vlog – Day 2 (Part I) | Goa Trip After Lockdown

Ashfaq Ahmad this side. This is our second day in Goa and we’re kind of excited to explore more beaches for the enjoyment. Me and my family just woke up early morning, so that we could cover as much places in Goa.

Well, firstly we simply took a breakfast just like we usually do at home, light but healthy and then headed off to the beach for the enjoyment. As you might have seen that my daughter Ayeza is quite excited to head off to the pool as she likes it a lot but apparently the pool was closed due to COVID. She always used to remain hungry for the pool more than a beach that excites her a lot.

As you might have seen hat we purchased a hats as it was quite heavy sun shining on our face that get affected by tan. As the resort is build on beach side itself so it took no time to reach won’t he beach which is a good thing. Also I though why not to try some of the watersports, so I just took one ride of the jet ski which was one of the best experience I would ever forget.

After a light brunch we finally we headed off to the resort to change muddy clothes as we enjoyed a lot on beach. But one thing I’ll recommend you is that wear a coat of sunscreen which is mandatory if you’re willing to enjoy that memorable moments won’t be beach without any hesitation.

(This complete video is in Hindi language 👇)

I’ve tried to give you a quick tour of the resort and my room through it lens hope you might have liked it. In this way me an my family spent entire day with full zeal. I hope you might have liked this video, if yes don’t forget to hit that like button along with the subscribe button if you’re willing to get regular updates.

Thank You!

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