Vlog #9 – Bought New DJI Mini 2 Drone At Cheapest Price | Where to Buy | Price | Authorised Dealer

Ashfaq Ahmad this side, it’s been a while that I have been dreaming of purchasing a drone to upgrade my video quality by taking some of the aerial shots to take my travel videos to the next level.

Recently I just headed off to the Chandini Chowk (Kucha Chaudhary Market) for purchasing the recently launched DJI Mini 2 drone that costs me Rs. 68,000 bucks which is kind of cheaper compared to the other DJI professional drones that are being used by most of the filmmakers. But as it has so many authentic features like 4K video recording, time lapse etc. which makes it complete package.

Although I’m first time first time drone user, through I didn’t faced any of the issues while flying it as I’ve shared few of the drone shots through this entire video. Major thing is that it’s super light in weight, so you don’t even have to process with any of the legal process for flying this drone which is a good thing.

If you’re likely to purchase an affordable drone your haiku definitely check it out once. Also make sure to purchase a separate SD card for the drone as you’ll need it for sure.

Due to some restriction I’m unable to serve the exact address of the store but, you’ll easily find it nearby Chandini Chowk so no issue in that.

(This complete video is in Hindi language 👇)

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