10 Best Websites to Find Free Travel Images

If you’re a vlogger/ digital entrepreneur/ blogger then probably you might be knowing about the legalities of copyright which plays a crucial role in the entire digital stream. So, maintaining the copyright-free content is very important in order to get organic growth. 

Well, when it comes to blogging it’s essential to have a copyright-free images that’ll help you grow the blog organically without putting in extra effort. There are too many resources available in the market that you could consider using in your next post. 

Especially if you’re a travel blogger then choosing authentic and copyright-free travel images is very important along with the good pieces of image sets. Through this detailed post, I’ll be sharing the best websites to find free travel images that you can go with. 

What Are The Best Websites To Find Free Travel Images?

There are several resources available amongst which I’ve compiled the list of 10 best websites that you can go through in order to get access to the authentic images as per the convenience:- 



Another great site to search for free travel photos that you can use is Pexels.com. Their website has over 140,000 high quality travel images that have been carefully selected and clearly tagged. This allows you to quickly and accurately search for the right images.

Pexels.com can help you find the perfect travel photos by allowing you to search and narrow down your results. If I need high-quality images for my editorial content, it is one of the top three websites I use.



Unsplash.com, one of the most used websites for finding high-quality images free to use however you wish with credit to the photographers.

It was one of the first websites to offer a free list of creative common images that can be used in this manner. Many other websites have attempted to duplicate its success.



Pixabay.com, another website that offers free images for travel, is also a great resource. It is one of my top three favorite websites. You can access a large collection of photos, including over 2.2 million photos.

Pixabay.com’s photos are well tagged, making it easy to find the right image. You can also download illustrations, videos and music for free if you need other types of imagery for your content.

4.Travel Coffee Book

Travel Coffee Book

The Travel Coffee Book is a collection that features beautiful travel photos, created by a small group of dedicated travel photographers. Since 2014, they have provided free travel photos to the world. Their photos have since been used in many locations around the globe.

Although this website do offer you a good collection of images that can be used as per the convenience but when it comes to the overall percentile which is low so you might feel it to be much complex in terms of images. So take a note of it while going through. 



Stocksnap.io, another great site to find free images you can use in any way you wish, is also a great one. Although it doesn’t offer as many stock photos as the other three websites, it has some unique stock-style images that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stocksnap.io has approximately 4,000 high-quality stock images of travel. But what makes Stocksnap.io unique is the ability to modify the images directly from the website.



Reshot.com, a newcomer in the free image market, is supported by Envato Elements, one of the most creative markets out there. You can expect the same high-quality images as you’d find on Envato. They are also completely free and can be used however you wish.

These images can be downloaded for free by anyone who contributes or through partnerships with other photographers.

Although it isn’t a large collection, they have some very talented photographers behind them. The travel photos you will find here are some the best. Reshot.com can be a great alternative to Unsplash and Pixabay.

7.Negative Space 

negative space

NegativeSpace.co, another community of photographers, has a noble mission: to offer a platform for photographers and visitors to share their best work with the world.

There are more than 200 photos of travel on their website, and there are many more in other categories. Although it isn’t a huge collection, their travel photos are some of the most beautiful.

NegativeSpace.co’s travel images all share one thing. It focuses on one subject and deemphasizes the rest by minimalism, defocusing, negative spaces, and minimalism.

8.Life Of Pix

Life Of Pix

Another great collection of photos is Life of Pix, which is curated by a wonderful community of photographers and made available for free. The Life of Pix team will select the top 10 photos each week to be featured on their website. This allows us to have great images and promotes photographers’ hard work to the community.

Life of Pix has over 300+ travel photos, which isn’t a lot, but they have the best quality images.



This site is by photographer Yinan Chn with more than 16,000 public domain photos, many of them his own photos. I love Yinan Chen’s website because he categorizes photos by location. GoodFreePhotos.com is a site that specializes in photos from state parks, national parks and historic sites. He also has categories for tech, business, animal, plant and food photos.

Final Verdict

Currently most of the people are proceeding with their online content creation journey. Especially when it comes to the travel it is considered to be the most tentative aspect of digital media that you cannot ignore at any instance. But people might wonder a lot to select the best and intuitive copyright free images for their respected content creation.

To this post I have compiled the list of 10 best free websites where you will get a bunch of photos that can be exchanged in order to put them into use. Moreover most of them provide a free services so you should definitely check them out. 

10 Best Websites to Find Free Travel Images

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