8 Best Tips For Working From Home Remotely

People began working remotely from their homes in March 2020. Individuals and organizations didn’t have the time or resources to prepare for remote work, nor to think through how to best transition processes, cultures, and teams to an online-only environment. Nobody knew or knows how long the COVID-19 epidemic and mandatory remote work would continue.

You may be new to working from home, whether it’s because of the coronavirus, or because you have a remote job. In either case, you will need to modify your routines and habits to make it a success.

Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, I have worked 100% remotely for over six years. Many of my colleagues and friends have done it. Each of us faces unique challenges due to our individual personalities as well as our varied lifestyles and work styles. However, remote workers face many of the same core problems.

Every remote worker must decide when and where to work. They also need to know how to set boundaries between personal and professional life. How about office equipment, career growth, training opportunities, building relationships with coworkers?

These are some of the issues that you need to address when you work remotely, particularly if you do so from your home. Based on my own experience and the lessons learned from others, here are 20 tips to make your remote work life more productive.

1.Maintain Morning Routine

Maintain Morning Routine

It can be exhausting to get up in the morning if you’re a night person who binges on TV. You can feel irritable and bizarre if you sleep for less than six hours. Although a cup of tea or coffee can lift your mood, it is not enough. A lack of sleep can lead to concentration problems.

What is the solution?

Your sleep schedule is the first thing you should be working on. You are most important to get a good night’s sleep. It isn’t easy. Many people find it very refreshing to pull off an all-nighter these days. You should consider Meditation as an alternative.

Meditation in the morning and yoga have been proven to be beneficial. It improves focus, self-awareness, and reduces stress levels. This is the only way to deal with the situation.

2.Maintaining Regular Work Hours

Maintaining Regular Work Hours

Stick to your schedule. Many remote workers can maintain a work-life balance by having clear guidelines about when and how to work.

Remote work offers flexibility when it is possible. Sometimes, you may need to work late or extend your working hours to fit someone’s schedule. If you have to do this, make sure to finish your day earlier than usual and get some sleep the next morning.

RescueTime is an automatic time-tracking app that allows you to check in on your commitments and keep them up. These apps can help you determine when you are most productive and when you are the laziest. This information can be used to your advantage to protect the hours you are most likely to do difficult work. If you find yourself with high productivity between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., avoid scheduling meetings there.

3.Set Personal Workspace Area

Set Personal Workspace Area

This is another key point to help you work effectively from home. It is vital to have your own space, whether it is in your bedroom or on the sofa, that you are productive throughout the day.

You should find a place where you feel comfortable working and make a commitment to work there every day. This will help your brain associate working with the environment and prepare your mind for the task ahead.

You will feel more productive when you’re in your office if it has lumbar support and a table that is low enough to allow your hands to rest at 90 degrees.

Avoid sitting on a couch while watching TV. This can lead to being distracted or falling asleep so hard that might let you lose your productivity. Avoid working next to a bed. For me, it is like a magnet. I kept being pulled in for a little nap, and then three hours later, it was even more distracting and I felt tired.

4.Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Being proactive is a way to improve your work performance. Regular exercise is a great way to do this. It is beneficial to your professional and personal lives to exercise regularly. While exercising, you increase blood flow to your brain which helps you stay alert and sharp.

Social isolation has been a major problem in the modern world of work at home. It is important to keep fit in such cases. Exercise increases your endorphin levels, which can boost your happiness, enjoyment, and interest levels. All of these are vital for achieving good results in work and life.

Stretching regularly is a must to maintain a good posture. Even if you only have 15 minutes, take the time to exercise. You can move your muscles, or take a walk for as long as it is possible. Start your day by doing an exercise in a calm environment. This will prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

5.Plan Meal Schedule

Plan Meal Schedule

You might forget to take care of your health while working for long hours but is truly essential sot you to take good measures regarding your health benefits. If you don’t take care of your health, working remotely can cause serious damage to your body. It is therefore important to eat a healthy meal every day.

You can set your preferred lunchtime or dinnertime and then commit to it. My preference was to eat lunch at noon and dinner at six, giving me enough time to digest the food before I went to bed at midnight. You will be able to stay focused and productive at work if you eat a lot throughout the day and it benefits your health as well.

6.Avoid Working After Hours

Avoid Working After Hours

As I mentioned earlier in this post that, it is important to keep work hours within a set time. Remote work can blur the lines between work and pleasure, which can lead to burnout. This is something I won’t do again.

My work ends at 6 pm. Clients can expect any work received after that time the next day. This was something I made clear to all my clients, or even when I was in an office. With their expectations managed, I was able to keep myself sane over the long term and be a better partner.

When it comes to deliverables, it is crucial to understand your employer’s expectations. Don’t be afraid to fail and complete the work after your workday ends. Your employer will expect that you repeat the task once you have completed it. Be realistic about their expectations and stick to your work schedule.


Working from home might be a big hassle for you but if you choose the right way to work it’ll surely help you in increasing your productivity, it doesn’t matter which industry you belong to but painting a workflow in these hard days is very important. Along with that make sure to take care of your health as well, avoid straining your eye so badly by working late nights. Through this post, I’ve tried to compile and break down the things in the right way that’ll help you increase your productivity while working from home.

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