Vlog #3 – A Day with my Daughter in Hunar Haat | JLN Stadium | New Delhi

Ashfaq Ahmad this side. This is my 3rd vlog where I’ll take you to the virtual experience of Hunar Haat which is is likely to happen in JLN stadium, new Delhi. Through this detailed vlog I’ve shared few of my personal experiences after visiting the place which is quite nice.

Although I visited the once along with my family and the whole day spent well. If you’re still not aware of the what exactly the Hunar Haat is, through this blog I’ve conveyed you that too.

Throughout the India there are too many people who used to take a part in this event for selling out the hand made products which are quite durable and looks great, so if you’re someone who likes those vintage look products you should definitely visit this place at least once in a lifetime that’ll surely give you an awesome experience.

Although the products are not so expensive so you can easily find the best pair of one. The actual reason behind visiting this place was to cooperate the locality people whom are putting their hard work to prepare the products without any use of mechanisms.

One of the special reason behind this year’s Hunar Haat is that it’s 26th edition which makes the sense. The theme of this year’s hunar hatt is ‘local for vocals’ which sounds quite good. Overall the experience of mine was awesome as I like to visit such place where we can contribute at some point as an indian citizen.

(This complete video is in Hindi language 👇)

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