Introducing Ashfaq Vlogs!

I'm here to share my experience of travelling in India and personal experiences​. If that sounds great, make sure to subscribe my channel for more such videos.

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Travelling In Cars

Get to know how I exactly travel around and also get recommendations that'll helpful for you if you're travel enthusiast like me.

Detailed Camera Gear

So you wanna know the camera gears if mine? Nothing worry as I'll be concluding the camera equipment I usually use for documenting myself. Also get to know about their reviews as well.

What's in by backpack?

Being a minimalist I keep my backpack clean though the camera equipments I carry requires a high quality backpack where I cloud store them safely while travelling.

Where I Ate

I'm quite foodie, I supposed to share the best possible blogs related to the food and the stuff related to that. It'll help you to know where you can actually consume food.

Full Story In Images

I'm trying to fulfill my bucket list and nothing can be the best alternative to click nice pictures that'll remain with me as an memories.

The Magic Of Hiking

Trekking and hiking are the couple of thing that I'm willing to cherish, ad they're on the top of my my bucket list.


Welcome to the official vlog channel of Ashfaq. Join me on my journey as I discover the India 🇮🇳

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